Paso a Paso - Day 2 Blog

by Dave Tousley

Today started early 5:20 am.  I am not a morning person, but I was up without an alarm at 5:20.  Breakfast at 6:00 am and out at our rides to Paso A Paso at 6:30 am.  Truth be told I am not usually out of bed until 7 at home.  On our way to Paso A Paso we pass by some coffee fields that seem to go on for as far as I can see.  As we left Paso A Paso on our way out to install a stove I saw a man at the back of a moped with a big canister strapped to the back.  He was scooping out fresh milk into a jar for a family.  I never really thought about not having a refrigerator to store milk and needing it delivered to me daily.  Most of the families we are serving here don’t have many physical things, but I am finding what it used to mean by it takes a town to raise a child.  Everyone here has a great sense of family and friendships that seem much more meaningful than most I have.  

I really see God working even though I didn’t understand until later.  Rodney and I were both playing with kids at Paso A Paso yesterday that we ended up serving with stoves and concrete floors.  This is telling me personally that I need to listen to God no matter if I understand it or not.  After finishing one stove today the family took us back to see their pets that included: a cat with a kitten, and a rooster, a small vegetarian dog that was eating a head of cabbage.  On our last stove install the family had a banana tree, papaya tree, and lime tree in their yard.  The greatest thing for me is learning about the families and playing with the kids in the house as our install is going on.  The most important part of this mission isn’t installing stoves, it’s letting the people we are serving know God loves them and hasn’t forgot them.

I have been challenged this week that I wasn’t feeling close to God.  I am now realizing that it isn’t about reading my bible every day, it’s not about church every Sunday.  It is about showing love to everything as God has shown us.

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