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You may securely make a tax-deductible donation with any Debit or Credit card*, or with Bank Account E-Check, by clicking a Give Now Button below. 

If you prefer to pay via PayPal*, click a yellow PayPal Donate button below.  

Thank you for your support!

*A service fee is added to all Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal donations. For no service fee, click a Give Now button, and choose Bank Account for an E-Check transfer.

Having Trouble? Scroll down for Step-by-Step Instructions


Sponsor a Volunteer

Support a mission volunteer with a gift of $5-$5,000. 



We are not able to accept PayPal Donations for Sponsoring Volunteers.

$129 - Donate a Stove 

These stoves burn 70% less wood than open fires, with 99% less smoke, and last 5-10 yrs

See how we install stoves...

$175 - Donate a Floor

Donate a concrete floor for a bedroom or kitchen to prevent parasites, improve health

See how we install floors...

Sponsor Mission Leaders Shawn & Damaris Smith

Reduce expenses for our Mission Directors who volunteer 3 months/year in Guatemala. prepping & leading teams


Donate to the General Mission Fund

Contribute to our general mission fund to keep mission overheads and registration fees low

Why is a Bank Account E-CHECK better than a Paper Check, PayPal, or Credit Card?

  • It‘s safe and secure - Your bank account information is safe and never shared with us, or anyone else.
  • It’s fast - Payments clear in 1-3 days.  No mail delay.
  • It’s efficient - No need for our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of paper checks.
  • It’s simple - Easy process, only takes 3 min’s!
  • It’s FREE for you, and only costs us $.50!  (PayPal and Credit Card donations cost you 2.9% more)
  • No account sign up required - Pay right away.
  • You receive a tax-deductible receipt immediately for your tax records.
  • It's green - Eliminates writing paper checks and you can easily manage your payables online.

Thus, a Give Now, Bank Account E-CHECK donation is our preferred method of payment.

All donations are transferred directly to our mission bank account of our sponsor organization Santa Clara Christian School, which is a licensed 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Click here for more about Santa Clara Christian School.

Having Trouble? Here's Step-by-Step Instructions...

How to Donate With a Bank Account E-Check or Credit Card Donation

You may quickly and securely make a tax-deductible donation to our mission with a Bank Account E-CHECK bank transfer, or with a Debit or Credit Card, through a Give Now button above. 

To make an online donation, click a GIVE NOW button above, and follow these instructions

WARNING: All boxes on Payer Details page (Steps 4 & 5) MUST be completed - including "Relationship to Student" - (selecting "Other" is fine).

WARNING: All boxes on Payer Details page (Steps 4 & 5) MUST be completed - including "Relationship to Student" - (selecting "Other" is fine).

Mail a Donation

An E-CHECK transfer is preferred over a paper check for payments because it saves time of our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of checks.  The E-CHECK payment is our preferred method of payment, because it's super fast for you and for us, accurate, safer than paper because we never see your bank information (nor does anyone else handling your mail), and it only costs us $.50/transaction.  

For these reasons, we strongly discourage donations made with a paper check.  However, if you are not able to use the E-CHECK payment method, please mail us a paper check, carefully following the instructions below:

To mail a donation for any of the above items, please write a check payable to SANTA CLARA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  In the CHECK MEMO please PRINT:  GUATEMALA MISSION + ITEM NAME (i.e. CHECK MEMO:  Guatemala Mission - 1 Stove).  

If choosing to “Sponsor A Volunteer”, please only write GUATEMALA MISSION in the CHECK MEMO, then write the volunteer's name on an included post-it.  No personal names on the check or in the CHECK MEMO, please, only on an attachment or post-it.  

Please MAIL your paper check via First Class US Mail to:   

Guatemala Mission
Santa Clara Christian School
3421 Monroe St
Santa Clara, CA 95051



Other Ways to Support our Mission Projects

Maybe you’d love to join us in Guatemala, or make a donation yourself, but “Now is NOT the Time”.  We could use your help with fundraising and awareness.  To help us collect tax-deductible donations for stoves, concrete floors, and our volunteers, please share our Mission Website, our Mission Podcast, Like and Share our Mission Facebook Page, and please download and distribute some of our Project and Sponsorship Brochures.