Welcome to our New Website!

Dear Mission Supporter:

Easter Greetings in Christ from South Florida!

Now is the time…for new life!  We are very excited to announce the launch of our new mission website. 

We have some exciting new features for you to check out:

  • Home Page:  Keep an eye on our home page here, which features updated mission news with blog posts, podcasts, and photo galleries.
  • Regisration:  Registration for our 2014 Mission to Guatemala is now open!  Space is limited, but there's some spots still open.  (If you have pre-registered with a group, you will need to register before May 1st.)  Join us…it's not too late!  To register, go here... 
  • Mission Bootcamp:  Interested in leading your own mission?  Check out our new Mission Bootcamp. 
  • Mission Calendar:  If you'd like to add our events and mission registration deadlines to your calendar:  Go to our Mission Events, click on an event, then click the Google or iCal icons.
  • Make a Donation:  Can't come with us this summer? You can still help by donating a stove, concrete floor, or sponsoring a volunteer.  Go here to donate...
  • Like us on Facebook:  Follow us on Facebook... Like our Facebook Page.

As you can see, we are VERY excited about our new site!  We hope you like it too, and will find it easy to navigate, and interact with us.  Speaking of interacting...

Tell us what you you like best about the new site in the comments below!

Have a blessed Easter, and thanks for all of your support!

Dios te Bendiga, 
(God bless you),

Brother Shawn

Shawn Smith
Director, Now Is the Time for Missions

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