Hogar Miguel - Day 2 [Blog]

By: Dena Winterton

My 9 year old daughter and I chose to go to Guatemala for a mission trip. We have been here for three days and have learned a great deal. We have enjoyed meeting the people in the missions group that are from various places in the United States.

Each day we go to the orphanage to greet the faces of dozens of smiling children. They are so happy to see us and enjoy our companionship. Even though we don’t speak their language, we find ways to communicate with them. Their favorite is when we take their photo. They love to look at pictures on the camera.

Their second favorite activity is to have you give hugs and hold them in your arms. They ask for nothing in return just your attention. So although, we are unable to speak to each other, we have found ways to give love. 

Today was the beginning of Vacation Bible School at the home. The children from the village also attend the VBS. There were 300 children packed into a small room learning Bible songs, making crafts, and playing games.  The children were all so excited about the activities. They all enjoyed learning about God. 

We have learned so much from the children in the short time that we have been in Guatemala. We look forward to spending the rest of the week with them and possibly returning for many years to come.