Santo Tomás - Day 4 [Blog]

Breaking New Ground

by Brook Fonceca

Those of you who have been following the mission know that we are in a new village this year and are working with a new partnering organization — Corazón de Los Niños. From my vantage point, things are going amazingly smoothly! I am well aware, though, of all the work our mission leaders and partners have put in behind the scenes. They have smoothed out the foreseen bumps in the road. Again, from my vantage point, the unforeseen bumps have been quite minimal. I guess I could say that this new ground feels like the Promised Land!

Another area of breaking new ground is that this year I am a team leader. For those of you that know me, that may not seem like a big deal. If you do not know me, I'm an associate pastor and a manager at a private school. I always find myself in some sort of leadership position. That is one reason I have enjoyed coming to Guatemala the last few years, where I can just be part of the team, working and playing hard. For some reason I was a bit nervous to be a team leader. To my pleasant surprise, I have a wonderful team to work with (two of whom are my children) and, as I said above, there have been next to no difficulties, as of yet, on this mission. 

Breaking new ground has been a theme for this season of life for me and my family. As you know, breaking new ground almost always involves tremendous amounts of hard work. I know of many difficult situations that our mission leaders went through just opening up this new village for us to work in. Then there are times when breaking new ground seems nearly effortless. It is in those times that just taking few steps back reveals that we are walking into prepared soil. The breaking is really more like continuing in the footsteps of the faithful servants that have gone on before us. This has been my experience with this year's mission, and I am grateful for it! I am looking forward to the remaining days of my mission and anticipate fruitful labors and joyful experiences!