Santa Maria - Day 3 Blog

by: Abby Breitbach

This has been my first mission trip to Guatemala and it is, hands down, the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life and it is only half way done. It would be impossible to put my whole trip into words without writing a novel so I am only going to talk about my favorite part, the people.

My family and I were told by some fellow church members, that have gone on past mission trips, how amazing the people are and how quickly and easily they make relationships and connections with us strangers. We never understood what they were talking about until we came here and met them for ourselves. Especially the children that we are lucky enough to meet. One smile or one hug and they are your friend forever and make you feel like family.

To see how happy these kids and families are with the few things and resources  they have can make you so grateful and embarrassed for complaining about things that would mean the world to them if they had those things. They have opened their homes up to us, treated us like family, and given us gifts. We are so blessed and when they are being so generous to us people that they barely know, I feel like simply saying thank you is not enough to show how appreciative and grateful we are.

I have made so many great relationships and memories with so many amazing people in the past few days that I hope I never forget because this experience has completely changed me for the better and I never want to lose that.    

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