Santa Maria - Day 2 Blog


by: Ken Bolig

Well, we finished our first full day of installing floors. Our team got three complete and the degree of difficulty increased as the day progressed. The final install was the most demanding; we had to build two ramps to get the materials to the mixing location. Then because of the steepness, on person had to push the wheelbarrow while two people, one on each corner of the wheelbarrow had to pull. Even though by the end of the day, all of us were ‘beat’, it was the type of fatigue that you feel good about because you can see that you have accomplished something that will improve someone’s life.

I have been struck by the absolute love that these people have for us. It is genuine, not forced. They have made us feel honored and they provide us with snacks, or small gifts, as a reward for what we do.They give us these things even though the money they spend probably represents a significant portion of their expandable income. Even though I can’t understand what they verbalize it comes through and you feel the love.

One little story from today. I was taking a break from shoveling the correct an d I kept feeling something puling the hairs on my arm. I looked down and the children were pointing to the long blonde hairs that I have on my arms. They seemed in awe. I mentioned this to some of the mission members and they noted that the blonde hair, especially long blonde hair on the arm of a male is an anomaly here. I always knew I was special.

This has been an incredible time, but it has been worth it. I hope more people would take the time to do this.   

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