Paso a Paso - Day 5 Blog

by Garland Peabody

This is my first trip to Guatemala and I really didn't know what to expect. I was put on a floor team for the week where we would go to a family home and lay concrete on a dirt floor in a room at there home. The day started with breakfast at 6am, a van ride to Paso A Paso where we get our wheel barrows, hoes, shovels and start for the first home. Most of the rooms were about 12' x 12' and all the concrete was mixed by hand on the ground and moved to the room. I have never been so sore or tired in my life. I can honestly say that a good nights sleep and a daily dose of Ibuprofen were my best friends!

I have always wanted to come on this mission but for many reasons never did. It wasn't until Shawn Smith was back at Valley Life Center talking about this years mission and telling us that there were openings for this week that my wife Nancy nudged me saying "You know, I have that week off" that showed me Now is the Time!

I have been asking God lately where I need to grow in my life and it was made clear to me this week. Love! Jesus call us to love one another and that was made very clear to me. The people of Guatemala have very little to give but the the amount of love I received from them was overwhelming. 

I have a much better understanding now of 1 Corinthians 13:13 Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE!!

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