Paso a Paso - Day 1 Blog

Melody and Jesse LaPierre

by Melody LaPierre

What do corrugated aluminum, dried cornstalks, and cement blocks, 
possibly have in common? Nothing, you say? Add perhaps a strand 
or two of various thicknesses of wire, a couple well seasoned four by fours
(and I’m not talking bandages for those of you who may know I am
a nurse)....toss in (why not?) a wing and a prayer, add a healthy
dash of faith coupled with a willingness to exert some serious manual 
labor and you have a collection of items and attitudes that have built
many a village home in Guatemala.

Take a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences,
have them converge in one spot, instruct some group leaders, recruit
some willing locals, encourage one and all, add that healthy dash of
faith coupled with a willingness to exert some serious manual labor, 
(and an awareness that you might have those wing and a prayer moments)
and you have built a team of folks who are sharing the love of God with
families in many of those village homes.  

Just like the ‘team’ items that make up the village homes (ramshackle 
though they may seem at first or even second glance) the team that 
God has brought together for this week’s mission effort is an effort led by God’s guiding
and opening doors of opportunity.

The stoves, the floors, the reading glasses, sewing machine instruction, 
donations, and VBS are all practical ways to show that God cares.  We are
part of a work in progress....God’s work in progress... and it is a privilege to 
be a part of this mission.  Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to
pray for us and for the folks we are privileged to serve.  Dios te bendiga.

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