Hogar Miguel - Day 4 Blog

by Kent  Christensen

Today is the 4th day at Hogar Miguel. Monday was basically a tour of the orphanage and the girls new princess castle. Tuesday was stove installation. I got to see the homes of the people that we are here to try and make a difference for. Home is where your heart is, where you raise your family, where your kids grow up. Other than that I would call them sheds. Four post, tin walls, tin roofs, and a dirt floor in most. The reason we install stoves for them is that they do all there cooking over a fire inside there house. The smoke rises to the ceiling then blows out the door, which is usually an open end of the building with a sheet hung over it.

The thing that struck me was that the people seemed happy. They were very nice and  appreciative. All said a heart felt thank you. Of course the only thing I understood was the gracias.

Wednesday and today was path work and a little painting at the orphanage. We are installing a stone path at the princess castle thru their play area. We mix the cement by hand with shovels, no mixer. It was a lot of work, but it looks great. I cant say enough about the people that i have met on this trip. Hard working people with huge hearts filled with the holy spirit. It's been a pleasure working along side them with one goal, to try and make a difference in someone's life.

Dios te bendiga

Kent Christensen

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