Hogar Miguel - Day 2 Blog

by Dean Higa

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It’s great to be back and see old friends while making new ones too.  I am always amazed at the dedication of those who are serving.  Every time I hear Karen give her testimony at the Hogar Miguel chapel, I am extremely humbled.  What a great example of someone who is “All-in” for the sake of the children in the name of Jesus Christ.

It was an amazing sight to see the girls home in it’s completion.  It far exceeded what I was expecting.  God can truly move mountains to those who are faithful!  What an honor it is to be even just a tiny part of a vision that came to reality.

Today was an early morning.  It was tough to wake up while still recovering from a seemingly long journey to get here which started with a red-eye flight that was delayed.  But somehow, God always manages to provide the energy we need to accomplish his work.  After our breakfast, (praise God for partnering us with the Candelaria Hotel), we arrived at our worksites.  Our group began by hauling the notorious 100 pound bags of cement down the hill at the girl’s home.  I had to surrender to the fact that I am now too old and weak to contribute to that task.  With the help of our friendly local workers, we completed the cement patio and make some good progress on the walkway path.  I am now wondering what my back and torso will feel like tomorrow.

Over the years, one of the things that I have become more focused on is the fact that I should no longer have an attitude of being a proud, arrogant American bringing our blessings to the poor people of Guatemala.  God sees us as no better or worse than anyone else and we are called to serve for our own benefit as much if not more than theirs.  What greater honor is there than to be like Christ, serving and giving of oneself?  I am grateful to the people of Guatemala for giving us this opportunity.  As appalling as it is to hear some of the stories of abuse and abandonment of the children here, I need to remind myself of the brokenness of our own world, in the US and anywhere else on earth.  And to think that I make such a fuss about taking but just one week out of my year to serve here and be obedient to God’s calling.  Yes, now is the time!

I would also like to thank God for the support of family and friends at home who provided the finances and prayers to make this possible, to the people of Guatemala, and to all those I am serving alongside with who have been a true inspiration.  And to Shawn and Damaris, I pray that you would continue to follow God’s calling, whatever that may be, for your discernment on how much to continue to do, and that your marriage would be richly blessed in complete harmony with, not in spite of, the wonderful work you are doing here.