San Miguel Dueñas - Day 5 [Blog]

By: Scott Clark

Greetings from Antigua Guatemala!

How quickly the week has gone by.  Most weeks of the year I am so glad to reach Friday but this is one of those rare weeks because I know I will soon be heading home.  We have completed our goals of installing 12 cement floors and 84 stoves but that really wasn’t the real goal.

The real goal was to show the love of Jesus Christ to some of what I believe the bible calls “the least” of these.  By no means do I or the bible intend to describe or define some of the world’s poorest people as anything but equal to myself in God’s eyes, but when we are blessed with material possessions beyond our need we should be willing to share those things with those who could use them to improve their health, especially children.

It is the children of Guatemala that were our focus and we brought all the excess love and labor we could and it was well received.  Of course, you can’t give without receiving and to each person who came to serve more was received.  It takes nothing more than a desire to love others to be a missionary, except that love must be greater than the fear you have between your ears.  Once the fear is overcome, the whole world opens up and you begin to show the abundant love you have been holding inside your heart.

I am a missionary, and all I have done is act on faith with a love for people who live on dirt floors, infested with microscopic parasites that burrow into a child’s foot growing into worms that require the strongest antibiotics to destroy.  I am a missionary because I wanted to install a cement block stove in a home where cooking is done over an open fire wasting 70% more wood and causing millions of children to burn themselves and breath air that is choked with smoke.  This week in Guatemala has been life changing for me and I wish I could somehow communicate to you that it would be the same for you.