San Pedro Las Huertas - Day 1 [Blog]

By: Brody Myklegard

This is my first mission. I am 9 years old and my mother made me come.

We flew in to Guatemala City from Washington, D.C. It was 3 hours from D.C. to Houston and I saw a Texans football jersey at the airport. My mom said Texas is known for Football. On the flight to Guatemala City I was able to watch movies over the Gulf of Mexico.  

When we first got to Guatemala City, I saw a city. I noticed a lot of people watching our plane come in. It was a small airport and very much like those in America. Outside of the airport we saw lots of grass, dogs, and people selling ice cream. On our way to the hotel we saw houses, McDonalds, motor bikes, and Taco Bell. Our hotel was really cool and has a big fountain right in the middle. The toilets are different because you can’t flush toilet paper in Guatemala. 

We played UNO outside on the terrace and watched a live Volcano erupt and saw lava running down it. The volcano is one of my favorite things so far. I saw the lava go up and somehow stayed up. It was very awesome. 

We learned how to install a stove. I poured the ash and helped with the big blocks. Before we left the house we made them hot dogs on their new stove. It feels good to help people. They seemed happy with their new stove. I played pass and catch with one of the boys in the house. He was 10 years old. 

So far my favorite thing about this trip is the volcanoes and playing with the kids at the community center. I am still a little mad at my mom for bringing me here but I am starting to like it. I have also made friends with the other kids that are here; Maddox, Hope, Anthony, Hatie, Jose, and Addie. 

I am looking forward to seeing the volcano erupt and I do not want to see an earthquake. 

I have learned that people carry chickens and baskets on their heads. I hope that I can meet more kids while I am here.