Interested in Helping us Fundraise for Stoves?

Awesome! We could REALLY use your help this summer!

It's very simple...when we're ready to launch our campaign in April, we'll send you some info for you to copy/paste into and email or social media posts to share with your friends & family.

We'll also update our stoves video, so you can share that. SUPER easy!

Thanks for your help - we'll be in touch soon. Until then...

If you know someone who would like to donate a stove TODAY, please share this link:

To donate a High-Efficiency stove to a family living in extreme poverty in Guatemala this summer, please click here:


Please Watch this amazing video by Jesse LaPierre from last year's stove campaign. It's really short, and has TONS of great info about these amazing stoves, and how and why we install them:

Thank you for your willingness to help us with our mission work! We'll be in touch soon...

Muchas Gracias!

Brother Shawn

Shawn Smith, Director
Now Is the Time For Missions