Guatemala 2017 - Podcasters Week Registration

Registration Status

    WK 3     JULY 09 - 16            PODCASTERS WEEK*          19 spots open    

1 Week = $1,800**

*All are welcome to join us for Week 3 - Podcasters Week. We will be serving with the same work projects and schedule as other weeks, but special optional evening programming will be offered this week, especially for podcasters, bloggers, and online influencers. For more info about Podcasters Week, click here

**Registration fee includes roundtrip airfare from U.S., safe ground transport, excellent food and purified water, exquisite lodgings, and all project costs. If flying from outside the U.S., your registration fee will include $900 USD towards your flight cost. Any airfare costs above this you'll need to cover, and as always, we will purchase your flights thru our travel agency. Any questions? Email Shawn.


2017 Podcasters Week Registration Process

All of the following registration information can be printed by downloading the Registration Process and Check List.

Lots more information about our mission, including our Mission Statement, guiding Bible verses, Sample Daily Schedule, etc. can be found on our About Page. Answers to tons of our most Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our FAQ Page.

To register, you must complete the Online Registration Form, submit deposits, and email several .pdf registration forms. (see 3 STEPS AND DEADLINES below)

All Registration Forms for the mission mentioned below can be found at the bottom of this page, and on our FORMS page. The online registration form, can be found at the bottom of this page.


3 Steps and Deadlines:


Fri,  May 5th — Step I - ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM submitted + $500 Non-refundable Deposit Due via Give Now E-CHECK or Credit Card (preferably FULL Deposit, if possible - $1,800 - 1 Wk, $2,400 - 2 wks)


Fri, May 19th — Step II Due - EMAIL ALL FORMS to Shawn AND Connie in ONE EMAIL PER CREW MEMBER + $400 deposit ($900 Total so far)


Fri, June 2nd — Step III Due - Total Balance Due via a Give Now payment ($1,800 - 1 wk; $2,400 - 2 wks)


(Details of each step are listed below)


We encourage all Crew Members to make the $900/person payment their FIRST payment, OR their FULL PAYMENT of $1,800 - 1wk, $2,400 - 2wks, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

(This helps us pay deposits for our hotel, ground transport, and stoves - all due months before your arrival)

To register, please follow the Registration Process listed below.  Crews will be limited to 40 participants/wk and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on when we receive your electronic Registration Form AND your $500 deposit to guarantee your spot ($500 of the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE).

Every effort will be made to purchase flights shortly after receiving your $900 Registration Deposits. However, if we receive your $900/person deposit AFTER May 19th, AND your flight costs exceed our Mission Budget of $900/ticket, we will need to pass the extra flight expense on to you.

Every effort will be made to place Crew Members on their preferred crew.  However, we also ask every Crew Member and Crew Leader to come with “open hands and open hearts” and to be willing to serve where needed.  We cannot guarantee that all Crew Member’s crew and rooming preferences will be honored, but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. 

Please DO NOT MAIL or FAX ANY FORMS to us.

In an effort to keep our expenses low, and work efficient, we are asking participants to submit electronic copies of all FORMS.(i.e. scan & email). You are asked to EMAIL .pdf copies all FORMS in ONE EMAIL PER PARTICIPANT to Shawn AND to Connie Darnell, our Registrar this year at Santa Clara Christian School. Please SUBMIT ONLY ONE EMAIL PER PARTICIPANT, and attach ONLY .PDF COPIES of ALL FORMS, using ONLY the SUBJECT line and FORMAT BELOW.

Please wait until all forms are together, even if you need to submit them late.  Then email all forms in ONE EMAIL per CREW MEMBER.

If coming with a group or family, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL FORMS OF MULTIPLE PEOPLE IN THE SAME EMAIL. 1 EMAIL = 1 PARTICIPANT. All FORMS must be scanned and emailed.  Scanning services can be found at copy centers like FedEx Office, Office Depot, Staples, etc. to help convert FORMS to .pdf format. All FORMS and information below can be accessed on our FORMS page.  For printed instructions of the following, download the Registration Process and Check List on the FORMS page.


Registration Process - Details

Please follow the Registration Process below carefully...

Step I – Due Before Friday, May 5th

_ Apply for US passport if you need one (Avg. time 6-8 weeks. Rush service available)
_ Read the MISSION COVENANT located on the FORMS page.
_ Submit $500 DEPOSIT with Give Now  thru Sponsor A Volunteer page  ($500 is NON-REFUNDABLE) 
_ Complete and submit the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (at the BOTTOM of this page)
_ Download all Registration Forms from the FORMS page of our website.
_ Read through the FUNDRAISING KIT and develop your plan (on the FORMS page)
_ Implement your fundraising plan
_ Schedule physical with physician and optional immunizations w/health clinic (see FAQ) - Due before May 19th.


Step II – Due Before Friday, May 19th

_ Be sure your $900 deposit was completed before May 19th. If not, pay now with Give Now payment thru Sponsor A Volunteer page
_ Download, print, and complete these forms (on FORMS page):  
   MEDICAL HISTORY and PHYSICIAN'S AUTHORIZATION, and PARENT PERMISSION (if under age 18 at time of travel)
_ Attend physical, get MEDICAL HISTORY and PHYSICIAN'S AUTHORIZATION signed, and get optional immunizations (see FAQ)
_ Begin to collect Clothing & School Supply DONATIONS to fill 2, 50 lb bags (PLEASE see DONATIONS LIST on FORMS page)
_ Email .pdf copies of all completed Registration Forms below in ONE EMAIL PER CREW MEMBER (instructions below)


  • CORRECT EMAIL FILE SIZE (less than 10 MG total)
  • ALL FORMS ARE ATTACHED AND COMPLETED (please do NOT submit forms until ALL forms are completed)

please do NOT submit forms until ALL forms are completed, even if you need to submit them late.  only one email per Crew Member with all forms attached.


If we receive your $900/person after May 19th, and your flight cost exceeds our mission budget of $900/ticket, we will need to pass the extra flight expense on to you.

Due to the high volume of emails and participants, we cannot manage multiple emails from each participant.  Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before submitting forms, and follow these instructions explicitly to save us all time and frustration.  Thank you!

INSTRUCTIONS To Submit All Step II Forms:

Please Email ONE EMAIL PER CREW MEMBER addressed to TWO PEOPLE: Shawn AND Connie:

EMAIL SUBJECT:  Guate 17 Forms – Your Full Name  (For example: Guate 17 Forms – Joe Schmoe)

    ATTACH:  Low resolution, but HIGHLY LEGIBLE .PDF COPIES of the following (less than 10 MG total):  
        _ .pdf scan of your MEDICAL HISTORY and PHYSICIAN’S AUTHORIZATION Form
        _ .pdf scan of FRONT & BACK of your HEALTH INSURANCE CARD
        _ .pdf scan of your PARENT PERMISSION Form (if under 18 at time of travel)
        _ .pdf scan of your SIGNED PASSPORT
        _ .pdf scan of your DRIVER’S LICENSE


Step III – Due Before Fri, June 2nd 

_ Submit final balance of mission fee via via Give Now payment ($1,800 Total-1 wk, $2,400 Total-2 wks) thru Sponsor A Volunteer page
_ Finish collecting Clothing & School Supply DONATIONS to fill 2, 50 lb bags (see DONATIONS LIST on the FORMS page)


Paying with E-CHECK Bank Transfer via Give Now

You may quickly and securely make a payment to sponsor a mission volunteer with an E-CHECK bank transfer through the Give Now buttons on the DONATE page.  You do not need a Give Now account to make a donation. 

To make a tax-deductible online E-CHECK or Credit Card donation for one of our volunteers:

1.  Go to the DONATE page, and click the blue Give Now button under "Sponsor A Volunteer
2.  Follow the Instructions on the Sponsor A Volunteer page, and select a blue Give Now button.
3.  Follow the simple two-step payment process instructions.
4..  In the STUDENT'S NAME box on the SECOND PAGE, type the VOLUNTEER’S NAME you’d like to make a donation for. (i.e. For Joe Schmoe)
5. Select Bank Transfer or Credit or Debit Card (a convenience fee is added to any Credit or Debit card payments. Bank Transfer is free)
6.  Hit SEND PAYMENT and you’re done!

PLEASE INDICATE WHO THE DONATION IS FOR in the STUDENT'S NAME BOX, or we will not know which volunteer to credit your donation to.  

In 1-3 days, Give Now will transfer your payment directly to our mission bank account of our sponsor organization, SANTA CLARA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, which is a licensed 501(c)3 charitable organization.  The cost to us is $0.50/transaction.


How to Donate For Multiple Volunteers In One Payment

If you are making a payment for multiple Crew Members with one E-CHECK payment (i.e. for a group from a church):

1.  Go to the Sponsor A Volunteer page
2.  Click the “Donate Special Amount” button.  
3.  Follow the instructions and enter your total donation amount.  
4.  In the STUDENT'S NAME box on the SECOND PAGE, type EACH VOLUNTEER’S NAME and HOW MUCH of the E-CHECK donation should be donated for each person.  For example:

John Smith  - $1,800
Sally Jones  - $900
Joe Schmoe - $900

5.  Hit SEND PAYMENT and you’re done!


Why is a Give Now E-CHECK Bank Transfer better than a paper check?

  • It‘s safe and secure - Your bank account information is safe and never shared with us, or anyone else.
  • It’s fast - Payments clear in 1-3 days.  No mail delay.
  • It’s efficient - No need for our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of checks.
  • It’s simple - Easy two-step process, takes 3 min’s.
  • You can pay the way you want - Make partial payments or schedule payments for a future date.
  • No sign up required - Pay right away, or create an account to save your payment info and track multiple payments.
  • Go green - Eliminate writing paper checks and easily manage your payables online.
  • It’s FREE for you, and only costs us $.50!


Mailing Paper Checks

An E-CHECK transfer or Credit/Debit card payment is greatly preferred over a paper check for payments for us because it saves time of our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of checks.  The E-CHECK payment via Give Now is our preferred method of payment (see instructions above), because it's super fast for you and for us, accurate, safer than paper because we never see your bank information (nor does anyone else handling your mail), and it only costs us $.50/transaction.  

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to make payments via Give Now payment method - ESPECIALLY GROUPS.  If you absolutely MUST mail a paper check, please mail us a check, carefully following the instructions below:

All paper checks should be made payable to SANTA CLARA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
Please put GUATEMALA MISSION in the CHECK MEMO, then write the VOLUNTEER’S NAME on an included POST-IT.  No personal names on the check or in the CHECK MEMO, please, only on an attachment or post-it.

GROUP LEADERS:  When paying for multiple registrations with one check, PLEASE

All paper checks should be sent via FIRST CLASS US MAIL or FASTER to ARRIVE in CA ONE WEEK PRIOR the DUE DATE, to allow time for processing.  Again, PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ANY FORMS.  Please mail paper checks to:

Guatemala Mission
Santa Clara Christian School
3421 Monroe St
Santa Clara, CA 95051

For any questions about your checks or deposits, please contact Connie directly at:
Connie Darnell
408-246-4881 (During business hours M-F, Pacific Standard Time)


Registration Forms

Our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (needed for Step I) can be found at the bottom of this page.

STEP II REGISTRATION FORMS (documents needed for Step II) and All other DOWNLOADABLE MISSION INFO can be found below:


Step II Registration Forms to be completed and emailed by May 19th

Parent Permission Form
Front and Back of Your Health Insurance Card
Signed Passport
Driver’s License


Downloadable Mission Info

Registration Process and Check List 
Mission Covenant  (Please read before completing the online Registration Form)
2014 Fundraising Kit  (This doc could not be updated, but still has great info. Just beware the dates are different)
Donations List
Packing List 
Guatemala Country Info
Included Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage - Adult
Included Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage - Youth