Mission Covenant

The Safety and Health of our mission Crew Members is the #1 Priority of Shawn Smith, our Mission Director. Although Guatemala is a developing country, and parts of it can be very dangerous, we are proud to say that we have safely hosted over 1,500 mission team members, ages 7-77, since 2006, and very few have gotten sick.

The main reason for our great success with health and safety is because our Crew Leaders take safety very seriously, and we expect all Crew Members to take it seriously as well.

In fact, we require all Crew Members and Leaders to read and sign a strict covenant, or agreement, before even registering for our mission - to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Among other things, this agreement includes no alcohol for youth or adults during the entire mission, no one leaving the hotel after dark, no one traveling alone, no sexual relations outside of marriage, and Crew Members agreeing to eat and drink only the food and pure water provided by the hotel and mission staff, or from establishments we recommend.

We understand this is a strict covenant, and that this mission, and this agreement, is not for everyone.

However, after 11 years of safely hosting over 1,500 team members in a developing country, this is the best way we know how to do it. We must insist anyone who plans to join us, to agree to this covenant, as part of their Mission Registration.

Click here to download our Mission Covenant